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Will tech vastly expand human capacity within financial services?

Expectation of an enhanced digital experience in financial services is increasing at a fast rate, shaking people’s imagination, making connections and defining our new world.

The financial sector is going through a seismic transformation, gaining momentum along with connected customers expectation. Shifting customer needs and a generation of digital natives resistant to traditional banking methods will demand change. Retail Banks, with their Fintech partners will reshape, reinvent and redefine the sector by introducing innovative customer centric solutions where tech can vastly expand human capacity within financial services.

This was true before current economic and social factors came into play with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, the need for better digitized customer experiences has only crystallized and accelerated, with consumers staying home or at the very least staying away from physical bank branches.

Many retail banks, facing a deluge of customer service calls, are relying more than ever on technology to boost call centre operations – in particular, conversational AI agents that can engage directly with customers for rapid and real-time banking transactions and resolutions. Banks are no stranger to disruption. Over the past 10 years, they have faced the fallout from the financial crisis, regulatory reforms, and the birth of new competitors, and now a global pandemic. To weather the current storm and build greater resilience for the future, retail banks should become instinctive and must involve their customers and partners in the process. Banks will need to compete with the likes of Amazon on customer experience, while also offering something deeper, be it through relationships and service, boosting businesses and communities, or taking a stand on global issues to engender trust. Banks must act as partners to their clients. Both consumer and commercial customers will enter more educational relationships, with banks helping them achieve life goals.

Inviting customers to be part of workshops, initiative trials and development will ensure customers are at the heart of the all initiatives. Once a challenge has been defined, innovation becomes tangible through testing of concepts and prototypes in spaces that emulate everyday environments. By facilitating trials and involving customers, banks will ensure development is informed by customer needs and attitude.

By gaining vital customer feedback, the branch can evolve from a purely transactional space to a personalised consultancy zone adapted for tomorrow’s customer requirements, focused on improving customer experience and overall branch efficiency as well as extending branch functionality beyond the purely physical space.

A programme of workshops, seminars, training, test and play could be incorporated into new concepts that are conducive to collaboration and community; allowing visitors to explore, experiment and design creative inventions.

Brand experience spaces could host incubation start-ups to develop concepts and business models; a working lab to collaborate with customers, clients and fintech partners.

Banks will develop from product-led and siloed to experiential, collaborative and agile – a platform that is...

  • A showcase for innovation, inviting customers, partners and SME’s in, to humanise tech in a way that’s aligned with their needs. Staying tuned into change, nimble and resilient, responding to opportunities or challenges faster.

  • Deploying conversational frameworks to ensure that any solution is hitting the proper use cases, addressing customer pain points, and delivering business value.

  • Determines which areas the customer is most helped and adopt the new tech driven service model. Co-develop the new models with your customer in an agile and collaborative fashion.

  • Grow the model step- by-step. Avoid the missteps that some banks have recently made regarding data usage and privacy.

  • Provides free financial advisors to younger customers who may need guidance but would normally be unable to afford personal support with adherence to regulations.

  • Champion’s speed and scalability of cognitive technology to release a constant stream of growth opportunities.

Studies consistently show that bank customer loyalty is fickle with customers being quick to switch financial services providers for a better experience so it’s time to build a transformation plan around collaboration and customer needs above cost reduction opportunities. Ultimately customer centric tools will vastly expand human capacity within financial services.

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