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Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Android

Hungry Shark Evolution for Android is a great game for blood lovers. A real shark is waiting for you. You have to control it and eat all living things on your way. The gameplay at the beginning is very similar to the reality. You just need to swim and eat different fish and people who decided to visit the beach. But as you pump up the predator, players will have the opportunity to do the impossible. Jump as high as possible out of the water and find food there if it's not in the water. The hacked version will give unlimited possibilities in terms of stars (coins) and crystals. The latter is a valuable resource that can only be purchased for real money.


Unlike the real predatory fish, in Hangry Shark it is very voracious and constantly needs food, so if you do not feed it, it will die in a matter of minutes. Dive to the bottom of the ocean and find food there, fly up into the sky with special abilities and feed even stars and other creatures that exist on land. The more you eat, the bigger the shark will be. Yachts, boats and other vehicles will pass by. To eat it - you have to try. Perform a variety of missions, for the completion of which will be given additional coins. These are peculiar achievements, among which:

Straight to the Moon - you have to reach the moon and eat it;

The destruction of the Alans - you have to destroy 5 enemy Alans;

King of the Seven Seas - stay alive for 30 minutes;

And others;


Buy a special suit like an astronaut and you can no longer be in the water, use boosters and other bonuses so that you do not die. There are several types of sharks in the app and they all differ from each other with different abilities and power factors. Visit different seas and oceans to become famous to the world for their bloodthirstiness. A small list of items that can be purchased:

A companion is a small shark or other creature that helps you survive;

Various hats and decorations;

A rocket launcher for your head;

A cloaking device;

A jetpack;

And much more.


To improve skills faster, you need a lot of game currency (money). You can use donate and buy boosters, well, or you can download a mod where everything will be limitless. You will immediately be able to get any opportunities with the hack. Use the shark to the maximum.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Android

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for Android

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