Boots has great strengths, being viewed as the cornerstone of communities; it’s a reliable, predictable, dependable retailer. Despite maintaining market share, Boots had realised that it has stood still allowing other brands to challenge their market. We were tasked with reviewing the Brand and every way that it connected with its customer, although primarily we focused on the retail store platform. Boots is truly a mass-market brand, with a hugely varied cross section of customer profiles and a vastly diverse range of product and price points. Through design aesthetics, lighting, material use and graphic communication we looked to change the pace of the store, creating moments which reflect customer mindset.


Design Strategy / Brand Communication / Concept Design / Fixture Design




To create a multi brand experience that responded to identified customer-purchasing mindsets from the convenience everyday purchase to luxury indulgences.



A retail experience that was less about holding and pushing goods, and more about offering an exciting brand experience that was aligned with customer expectation.