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We approached Ducati with the view that rhetoric was an essential part of the visual language. We wanted to create a dialogue that had the power to influence and endorse an attitude. Our aim was to express the brand in a unique and original way. We endeavored to fundamentally connect the brand Ducati with the word ‘Education’, informing the enthusiast through a series of lessons that emotionally expressed the essence of the brand.


Brand Communications / Campaign



To consider communicating the brand in a new and differentiated way, to move away from the typical, generic photography and glossy brochures and to consider a unique visual language that could be applied to all aspects of the range.



Ducati has always been considered as the connoisseurs’ brand; it has a loyal fan base that values the product as 'an object of desire’. We wanted to move away from the traditional way of promoting the brand, using a bold graphic style and clever narrative.


"We were excited to discover the word ‘education’ that sit within the Ducati name opening up a whole new way of communicating the brand."



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