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Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank wanted to change the way people bank, in particular how customers use technology to buy products. Mashreq recognised that past self-service channels had either pushed customers away from the retail environment or alienated them. Our remit was to create an environment that looked innovative and futuristic, whilst facilitating customer needs, focused in particular on a younger audience. Technology led intuitive tools had to be developed to assist customers in the buying process, whilst introducing brand elements that evoked feelings that people associate with the brand.


Interior Design / Fixtures & Fittings / Graphic Communication

Mashreq Bank



Mashreq Bank wanted to stay true to their core values but ‘turn up the volume’ in terms of conveying progressive leadership and technological advancement, whilst remaining relevant and accessible to their clients.



The project was to develop a live prototype designed to evaluate and analyse how people engage with the branch, in particular how considered touch points moved people around a pre-determined customer journey.



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