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Mashreq Innovation Hub

Expectation of an enhanced digital experience in financial services is increasing at a fast rate, shaking people’s imagination, making connections and defining our new world.


The financial sector is going through a seismic transformation, gaining momentum along with connected customer expectation. Mashreq wanted to respond, by crafting a design brief that was aligned with shifting customer needs, where a generation of digital natives resistant to traditional banking methods will demand change.


Digital Strategy / Customer Experience / Interior Concept / Graphic Communication

Innovtion Hub



Mashreq with their Fintech partners will reshape, reinvent and redefine the sector by introducing innovative customer centric solutions where tech can vastly expand human capacity within financial services.



An innovation hub where the bank acts as a partner to their clients. Both retail and commercial customers will enter more educational relationships, where Mashreq is helping them achieve life goals. Inviting customers to be part of workshops, initiative trials and development will ensure customers are at the heart of the all initiatives.

Innovation Hub_Walkway.jpg
Tunnel Sketch.png

"We think that tech will vastly expand human capacity within financial services."

Innovation Hub_Visual.jpg


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