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Peach Pink

This brand new fashion label approached us with just a name, derived from the owners joint surnames. This provided a great opportunity to design the brand from scratch. Being a start-up company meant all aspects of the brands communication needed thought, from identity through to art direction and print. The logo features an illustration of a Peach Blossom moth, which was developed and crafted for the brand.


Brand Identity / Brand Communications / Photographic Direction / Digital

Peach Pink



To take an existing name and consider how it could be made relevant to a leather goods fashion label. The identity needed a symbol or character that could be used as a monogram, for instance in product linings.



A crafted and unique mark, gave our clients an exciting mechanism to market their brand and its products, expanding in to new territories and successfully growing the company through an authoritative image.

Peach Pink.png

"It was great to be able to help a small start-up on the road to success."


Peach Pink_Digital.png


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