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Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley had very clear objectives when determining a partner to create their new product packaging. Whilst staying true to the core values that made Philip Kingsley the success it is today, it was felt that the packaging should better reflect today's issues. They are committed to reviewing their portfolio of products and developing and manufacturing in a sustainable, ethical way - now and moving forwards. That’s why we chose to produce the newly designed packaging from bioplastic bottles made from sugarcane.


Identity / Brand Packaging



It was a strategic choice to switch to 100% recyclable bioplastic, driven by the increasingly apparent collective need to face the climate crisis, particularly in the haircare industry which produces large numbers of plastic bottles. Other objectives were to create an intuitive, immediate navigation system, which easily guides customers through categorisation and selection.



We wanted to create a premium aesthetic that combined the brand's scientific expertise with sensory appeal and stand out.

Finally, we know that emotions drive action, so we aimed to provide solutions that are relatable, verbal, visual and visceral and be beautiful!

InspiredandCo_Philip Kingsley_Header.png

“It’s the most practical and safe way of sharing our formulations with our customers and now we’ve made it climate positive.”


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