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The project for this terrace house in South West London was informed by the clients needs for practicality and space combined with a design aesthetic which brought tranquility and simple elegance to a busy London suburb. An additional floor was added and a ground floor side return maximise the limited available space. The project made a good return on investment as well as creating a home that was fit for client purposes and lifestyle needs.


Residential Design / Material Selection




We developed and oversaw the conversion of a space in this Victorian terrace into a modern light filled loft and side return. Inspired by classic modernism and Scandinavian simplicity the renovation project makes use of Douglas Fern, a light colour palette and simple furnishing.



Transformation of a traditional, unsurprising house into a modern, three-level, light-filled home offering comfort whilst maintaining a simple design aesthetic.

Wimbledon Living Room.jpg

"It was wonderful to create a modern home that respected Victorian architecture whilst balancing modern living."

Wimbledon Kitchen6.jpg


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