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Building a memorable brand

Your brand shouldn't stand still, it should stand out and stand for something that your customers wholeheartedly want to be part of.


Once upon a time...

Telling a brand story on multiple sensory levels is where we excel. Your brand needs to be verbal, visceral and visual, and articulate how you want to look, feel and present yourself.

Here, we look to unearth those key components that offer the foundation for a compelling brand story to be developed and crafted.

We also know that your staff are instrumental in delivering your brand; they don’t just wear your brand, they are your brand, so we ensure that they are fully engaged in its delivery.

Brand Story



Be unique

Your business vision should be brought to life through the development of your brand's identity and visual code. Both need to be aligned to ensure your brand becomes the flag bearer of success driving business forward.

Once we establish your brand's personality and ambition, we will explore your brand name and identity, making sure that it fully supports your brands values and resonates with your target audience.

We will craft your brand identity, including bespoke typography to provide a unique and tailored approach that truly sets you apart.

Brand Identity Design



Creating memorable experiences

Brand communication should guide and support your customer, talking to them like a familiar old friend or an exciting new one. We will consider all aspects of your brand communication, including point of sale, printed material, editorials and brand campaigns both online and offline.

We will consider every touch-point and will provide a toolkit for seamless application that includes tone of voice and narrative, photography and illustration style, typography, colour palette and graphic grids. Guidelines can also be created accompanied by a robust application strategy for rigorous implementation.

Brand Communication



I love this brand

Brand packaging offers an opportunity to differentiate and to provide shelf stand out, setting you apart from your competitors; engaging and enticing your customers. 


We aim to appeal directly to your fan base, creating advocates and developing brand lovers. Whether it is your staple product line, gifting or seasonal specialist packaging, designing for life means understanding how the needs and desires of your customers are changing.

Issues around sustainability have become integral to a brand's belief in line with their customer concerns, we strive to offer innovative packaging solutions that are kind to our world as well as being beautiful and desirable.


Brand Packaging


Breathing 'life' into your brand

We look to find new ways to breathe life into your brand ensuring it constantly connects whilst staying true to what makes you great!

Your brand doesn't need to be static. Animating your brand can add another dimension, an agility that is responsive to marketing initiatives such as seasonal campaigns. This will give you a versatile identity with a touch of magic that excites and resonates with your customers.



Measuring the success

Any design initiatives should have tangible impact on your brand. Often overlooked and underplayed, we consider reflection a vital part of each project. Taking this time to constructively review, analyse and measure the project's success and take on board learnings to inform any future thinking.


We believe that your brand shouldn't stand still so we look to monitor its progress, making adjustments and refinements as the brand evolves.


Post Project Analysis
Branding and communication
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