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Always take the time to understand your customers 

Customer needs are constantly changing, influenced by economic and cultural shifts, trends and technology. By understanding these, you can ensure relevance and grow affinity; this is key to delivering an effective and enduring experience.


Collaborative workshops

It's key that we understand you as a brand, your ambition, your values and your expectations of the process, so that any output is collaborative.

We understand how vital it is to get the engagement of the entire team; from key stakeholders, right through to the team on the ground, so that we work as one. Getting together around a table, or out on a retail safari, give an invaluable opportunity to get to know each other and understand the dynamics of the brief, the client and the customer.

Discovery Workshop



Insights and inspiration

Unearthing compelling and exciting opportunities is what inspires us.

We believe that any design initiative should be informed by research and analysis. With a clear understanding of the marketplace we explore how trends and market conditions, both within and outside of your sector, can have a positive impact on your brand.

Getting to the heart of what is possible through creative and collaborative thinking and learning how your business works, giving the stimulus to fully define the brief.

Research & Insights



Digging deep

It's important that your brand stands for something that your customers wholeheartedly want to be part of and is aligned to.


Defining your key attributes, brand ethos and positioning, helps establish the foundation of the brand and customer experience strategy, kick-starting the design process.


Developing enchanting, captivating and compelling brand stories to bring your brand to life is essential to gain customer loyalty and longevity.


Brand & Customer Experience Strategy



Carving a unique path

We look to unearth those components that make you unique.


We listern and explore; getting our ideas out quickly. Sharing sketch book ideas, quick feedback and smart development keeps the ideas moving at this important stage - challenging the thinking and pushing our ideas as far as possible to establish your brand DNA.


Initial thoughts and ideas
Inspired Discover Workshop
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